Susan Davies, piano

My name is Susan Davies and I’ve been teaching private lessons on the piano and electronic keyboard for over 30 years.

While I have taught all ages I really enjoy teaching young children…ages 4 and up, with the occasional  3 year old added in there too.  The course I use for the youngest children is called Music for Little Mozarts and it’s just plain fun.  It’s quick paced and keeps the interest of even the most active children.

Some of my students have also taken music exams through the Royal Conservatory of Canada, of which I’m a registered teacher.  I’ve done that for quite a few years as well.  Along with that I love including “fun” songs, favourite songs just for fun.

Recently I was asked “what is your passion?”  I had never considered that before, but after some time I’d say that teaching is my passion, I really do enjoy teaching, and that includes teaching the piano.

My teaching year follows the local school year, with ½ hour lessons in the afternoon and early evening on Monday to Thursday.  I teach out of my home just across the highway from Walmart.

The first lesson/interview is free.

Feel free to call or email me for that first free lesson.

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