Brenda Braaten, Theory

Brenda Braaten has co-authored the Sound Advice Theory and Ear-Training Program, the Celebrate Theory, and the ear-training portion for the Four Star Sight Reading and Ear Tests Program. These series are published by Frederick Harris Music Company and the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, Canada.

Brenda teaches privately, in groups, in classes in Mill Bay, BC and on-line at the address below, and has been a theory teacher for over 30 years. The online program is perfect for those students who cannot fit yet another car trip into a busy schedule, and want to study from their own home. The first 8-lessons (Level 1A) are completely free and teach the basics of reading notes. This is perfect for students of all instruments to take in combination with their private lessons and to get that boost on becoming musically literate. It is suggested that all choral members and musicians of any genre could benefit greatly with this program. The ‘free’ lessons help you become familiar with on-line learning before deciding to sign up for the next levels of the program.

Brenda’s theory on-line program shares information accumulated over a successful career. Study at your own place, at your own pace!         email: