Piano Syllabus 

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Piano Syllabus – Cowichan Music Festival 2021 

Welcome – although at this writing it is impossible to predict exactly what will happen due to the corona virus pandemic, we are confident that the Cowichan Music Festival will happen in some form. At best it will be in person, as it has been for the past 70 years. However if circumstances dictate, we will offer an on-line version which will replicate as much as possible the usual format. The competition rules, fees, entry classes, and nominations to the provincials competitions will apply in any event. 

Competition Rules 

The Adjudicator's decisions are final and no communication is allowed between the adjudicator and parent or teacher at any time.  

Due to the uncertainty provided by the corona virus, we are extending the entry deadline for 2021 to Jan 15th. Payments and forms will be accepted up to the date, and the treasurer asks that payments be made only in the week of Jan 8 – 15th. No changes are possible after this date. Please note any special requests on the Entry Form. 

The general rules apply to this section as well as the piano-specific rules below. 


Grade levels and fees for piano: 

Fees to enter classes are as follows: 

  • preliminary - 3 :  $ 23 
  • 4 - 6: $ 25 
  • 7 – 9: $ 28 
  • 10, AR:  $35 (max 15 minutes) 
  • 10, AR $60 (max 25 minutes) 
  • adults: $25 (max 8 minutes) 
  • duets and ensembles: ($40 total) 

Please use the entry form for Piano - this may be filled in from your computer, or completed by hand by the parent or the teacher. Fees must either accompany entries (by cheque), or be submitted before the deadline by e-transfer to: _______________________ 

Each entry must be for one class, and must include:  

  • the class number,  
  • RCM level of the piece 
  • student's age, (or "adult" for adult class 701). All ages are welcomed at all classes, except for the Provincials masterclass which has additional age and grade requirements.  
  • performance time  

Entrants may enter a maximum of four classes, not including sight reading. 

Classes for Preliminary - level 3 will be adjudication only.  

Students will be given a verbal and written adjudication at the end of each programmed class.  This may include a placing at the adjudicator's discretion for levels 4 - ARCT.  

Awards may be given to piano students levels 4 - ARCT, who enter at least 3 classes, not including sight reading.  

A Provincials Masterclass (classes 801 - 804 ) entry is mandatory for students wishing to compete in the Provincial Performing Arts Festival. (Additional qualifying rules are found there.) 

Memorization is strongly recommended for all participants. Entrants wishing to be considered for Provincials or major awards may use sheet music (printed or digital) for their third and/or fourth entries.  

Only original materials may be used, excepting pages copied for page turns. Legally obtained downloaded materials are, of course, acceptable.  

An original copy of sheet music must be provided to the adjudicator, with measure numbers marked at the beginning of each system.  

If chosen by the adjudicator, entrants in all classes may be asked to perform in a concert. However, due to COVID -19 restrictions, there may be no concert this year. Alternate performing arrangements may be made.  

Performance order will be according to the program which will be available several weeks prior to the Piano section performances, on the cowichanmusicfestival.com website. Print editions may also be available. Approximate times will be given and attempts made to meet needs of students. Please indicate any special requests on the form.   

Students should introduce their piece including name and composer.  

As of the publication date of this syllabus, we are planning to host in-person sessions, open to parents and students and complying with all current provincial health regulations. If we are not able to have public competitions due to Covid restrictions we plan to host via video conferencing software.  


Piano Classes 

Entries to the festival may be made in the following classes. Please note additional age restrictions for Provincials Masterclass. Please refer any questions about which class a piece should be entered in to evedaniell@gmail.com. All other questions should be referred to marilyn@harpcanada.com. The section chair will arrange classes according to the Covid situation and the musical and educational priorities. 


  • 101 preliminary - level 3  
  • 102 level 4 - 6  
  • 103 level 7- 9  
  • 104 level 10 - ARCT or comparable  


  • 201 preliminary - level 3  
  • 202 level 4 - 6   
  • 203 level 7- 9   
  • 204 level 10 - ARCT or comparable  


  • 301 preliminary - level 3  
  • 302 level 4 - 6   
  • 303 level 7- 9   
  • 304 level 10, ARCT or comparable  

Post-Romantic/Impressionist – 

  • 401 preliminary - level 3  
  • 402 level 4 - 6  
  • 403 level 7- 9  
  • 404 level 0 - ARCT or comparable  

Twentieth and Twenty-First Centur 

  • 501 preliminary - level 3  
  • 502 level 4 - 6  
  • 503 level 7- 9  
  • 504 level 10 - ARCT or comparable  

Canadian  - by Canadian composers regardless of period or style.   

  • 601 preliminary - level 3  
  • 602 level 4 - 6  
  • 603 level 7- 9  
  • 604 10 - ARCT or comparable  

Adults - this class is any level, any style (max performance time is 8 minutes) 

  • 701 all entrants (adults wishing a longer performance time may enter the level 7 – AR categories and request to be placed in the adult class) 

Provincials masterclass - Students must enter this class if they wish to compete for a recommendation to the Provincial Performing Arts Festival.  

Entrants to this class must enter two other contrasting solo classes in the piano section, ) and all three (minimum) entries must be in level and age groups that correspond to the levels below. The selection to be played is a piece not entered by the student in any other class at this festival.  Own Choice from any style.   Recommendations to the Provincial Performing Arts Festival will be made at the adjudicator’s discretion, and based on all three pieces. 

Entries are by age and grade as follows:   

  • class 801  - Junior  A - Age: 14 years and under;  Time Limit: 15 minutes;  RCM level: 6 to 9  
  • class 802 - Junior  B - Age: 14 years and under;  Time Limit: 15 minutes;  RCM level: 10 and up.  
  • class 803  - Intermediate   - Age: 17 years and under; Time Limit: 20 minutes; recommended minimum level 8   
  • class 804 -  Senior -  Age: 23 years and under; Time Limit: 25 minutes; recommended minimum level 9  

Duets, accompanying and chamber music -  Please make one entry only per group, and add names of additional entrants in the space provided. 

  • 901 – duets, trios, etc. (2 - 4 players, one piano only) any level or style   
  • 902  - piano accompaniment class (with any instrument)  
  • 903 - chamber group including piano  
  • 904 - family group - all members of one family, any instruments, must include piano. 


  • 920 - all levels and styles, including adult - to be performed by the composer. Copy must be provided to the section chair 7 days before the class.  

Sight reading   

  • 954 - level 4  
  • 955 - level 5  
  • 956 - level 6   
  • 957 - level 7   
  • 958  - level 8   
  • 959  - level 9  
  • 960 - level 10 

Any questions about admissibility of music or student, or questions about fees should be directed by email to marilyn@harpcanada.com 

Thanks for participating in the 71st Cowichan Music Festival!!




(formatting will change for full size sheet) 


Piano Entry Form – Cowichan Music Festival – 2021         name _________________________________________ _______________________________________ 

Class no. ________ fee ______ grade level of piece ____ performance time ____ age as of Dec 31/2020 ____ 

name of piece entered: ________________________________ 

composer: _____________________________ 

It is important that we have complete contact information for each registrant, as program changes may be necessary due to Covid-19. By submitting this form you are agreeing to be on the Festival mailing list. 


text or phone: _____________ email __________________________________ 


name__________________________ text or phone: ______________ email __________________________________ 


name__________________________ text or phone: ______________ email __________________________________ 

entry prepared by: __ self __ parent __ teacher 

other classes entered in this festival (piano or other sections) ________________________________________________ 

additional performers and contact info for classes 901 - 904: 

please list names and contact numbers: 

Special requests or notes: date issues, special requirements for instrument or seating, etc. (Expected dates approx Feb 25 – Mar 1)