Here is the program for the Piano section of the Festival 2023.   See you at the Festival!

Downloadable program schedule


Thursday, February 23, 2023     Duncan United Church 

9:30 AM     Baroque – Preliminary – level 3 

          1.     Rachel Brittain   "Allegro in C Major" by Alexander Reinagle 

          2.     Sean Ma   "Entree in A Minor" by Anonymous 

          3.     Bridget Woernle   "Menuet en Rondeau" by Rameau 

          4.     Shanoah Pintus   "Musette in D Major" by J.S. Bach 

          5.     Beth-Rose Trawick   "Musette in D Major, attr. J.S. Bach 

          6.     Zachary Kuo   "Minuet in G Minor" by Christian Petzold 

          7.     Edison Yang   "Bourree in A minor" by J.S. Bach 


10:15 AM     Piano - Classical - Level 1 – 3 

          1.     Olivia Phan   "Burlesque in G Major"   Anonymous 

          2.     Bridget Woernle "Eccosaise in G major" by Beethoven 

          3.     Lyla de Leeuw   "Menuetto in C Major" by Mozart 

          4.     Shanoah Pintus "Sonatina in F Major" by T. Lack 

          5.     Austin Hodge "Sonatina in C Major" by M. Clementi 

          6.     Kaitlyn Walker "Sonatina in G major" by Beethoven 

          7.     Reuben Loewen "Harliquinade" by Johann Ludwig Krebs 

          8.     Charlotte Wedderspoon-Martin "Sonatina in G" by Thomas Atwood 

 11:00 AM     Piano - Canadian - Level 1 – 3 

           1.     Olivia Phan  "Angelfish" by Anne Crosby Gaudet 

           2.     Edison Yang  "Heroes of The Galaxy" by C. Donkin 

           3.     Reuben Loewen   "Witches and Wizards" by Christine Donkin 

           4.     Zachary Kuo  "Tarantelle" by Clifford Poole 

           5.     Charlotte Wedderspoon-Martin "The Stormy Sea" by Anne Crosby Gaudet 


11:30 AM     Post-Romantic/Impressionist - Level 3 

            1.     Shanoah Pintus  "Clowns" by D. Kabalevsky 


Lunch Break 

1:00 PM     Class 31024     Piano - Baroque - Level 4 – 6 

             1.     Robert Argo   "Fuga Sonatina in G Major" by G.F. Handel 

             2.     Frankie Swannell    “Sarabande" by G.F.  Handel 

             3.     Ainsley McPherson   "Rigadoon in A minor" by William Babell 

             4.     Haylee Waddell   "Air in B flat Major" by G.F. Handel 

             5.     Martin Terashita-Clark   "Rigadoon in A minor" by William Babell 

             6.     Victoria Vazquez   "Sarabande" by George Frideric Handel 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ( … continued next page) 

Thursday, February 23, 2023     Duncan United Church 

 7.     Megan Monahan   "Fantasia in C Major" by Georg Philipp Telemann 

             8.     Avery Minkow   "Minuet in D Minor" by attr. J.S. Bach 

             9.     Naomi Curnow   "Aria in G Major" by Georg Philipp Telemann 

            10.    Ronan Cristea   "Little Prelude in C Major" by J.S. Bach 


2:00 PM     Class 32024     Piano - Classical - Level 4 – 6 

              1.     Robert Argo   "Allegro moderato in F Major" by L. Mozart 

              2.     Frankie Swannell   "Andante con espressione" by M Clementi 

              3.     Victoria Vazquez   "Sonatina in F Major" by Anton Diabelli 

              4.     Ainsley McPherson   "Sonatina in G major" by Heinrich Lichner 

              5.     Ollie Lam  "Scherzo" by F.J. Haydn 

              6.     Martin Terashita-Clark   "Sonatina in G Major" by Muzio Clementi 

              7.     Megan Monahan   "Romance in G Major" by Johann Nepomuk Hummel 

              8.     Charlie Woernle   "Sonatina in G" by A. Diabelli 

              9.     Avery Minkow   "Sonatina in F Major" by A. Diabelli 

             10.    Naomi Curnow   "Sonatina in G Major" by Jan Ladislav Dussek 

             11.    Ronan Cristea   "Sonatina in F Major" by Beethoven 

3:15 PM     Class 36024     Piano - Canadian - Level 4 – 6 

              1.     Avery Minkow   "Dreamcatcher" by A. Crosby Gaudet 

              2.     Caidence Burns   "Shooting Stars" by Alexina Louie 


3:45 PM     Class 39540     Piano - Sight Reading - Level 4 

               1.     Ainsley McPherson  

               2.     Avery Minkow 


4:15 PM     Class 39200     Piano - Composition - All Levels and Styles 

                1.     Austin Hodge   "Starlight Groove" by Austin Hodge 

                2.     Bianca Pacchiano   "A Thousand Storms" by Bianca Pacchiano 

                3.     Naomi Curnow   "Enchanted Forest" by Naomi Hope 

5:00 PM     Adults - Any level, any style 

               1.     Alice Sinclair   "Andante sostenuto" by F. Mendelssohn 

               2.     Elaine Willis   "When Rivers Flowed on Mars" by N. Telfer 

               3.     Margaret Ames   "Polonaise in C" by C. Schumann


Friday,  February 24, 2023     Duncan United Church 


9:30 AM   Twentieth and Twenty-First Century - Preliminary - Level 3 

                    1.     Sean Ma   "Three and Twenty Pirates" by M. Seuel-Holst 

                    2.     Maggie McLeod     "Sparkling Brook" by M Goldston 

                    3.     Rachel Brittain    "Chimes" by Paul Sheftel 

                    4.     Olivia Phan   "Leaping the Waves with Dolphins" by Barbara Arens 

                    5.     Beth-Rose Trawick    "In The Spirit" by Christopher Norton 

                    6.     Kaitlyn Walker   "At night at the river" by Dmitri kabalevsky 

                    7.     Bridget Woernle    "I Spy" by Melody Bober 

                    8.     Zachary Kuo   "Raging Storm" by Melody Bober 

                    9.     Lyla de Leeuw   "Whispers of the Wind" by R.Faber 

                   10.    Isla Pepper Burshtyn   "The Calico Cat" by Helen Marlais 

                   11.     Julian LaPointe     "Treasure Island" by R.Faber 


10:30 AM     Romantic – Preliminary – Level 3 

                    1.     Nina Douglas-Ortiz   "Tricky Trampoline" by Lynn Freeman Olson 

                    2.     Jason Tshibangu   "Toccatina" by E.L. Lancaster 

                    3.     Joeffrey Tshibangu   "At the Trading Post" by Louise Garrow 

                    4.     Journey Zeeuw   "Chimes" by Paul Sheftel 

                    5.     Joyce Tshibangu  “March of the Gnomes" by Martha Mier      

                    6.     Janelle Sharpe   "The Sparkling Brook" by Margaret Goldston 

                    7.     Lenox Zeeuw   "End Game" by Jennifer Eklund 

                    8.     Beth-Rose Trawick   "Arabesque" by Johann Friedrich Burgmuller 

                    9.     Reuben Loewen   "Arabesque" by Johann Friedrich Burgmuller 

                  10.     Zachary Kuo   "Ballade" by Friedrich Burgmüller 


Lunch Break 

1:00 PM    Baroque - Level 7 – 9 

                    1.     Ginger Boehme-Vertefeuille   "Solfeggio in C Minor" by C.P.E. Bach 

                    2.     Ashley Pepper   "Invention No. 14 in Bb Major" by J. S. Bach 

                    3.     Carolina Vazquez   "Sonata in C Major" by Giovanni Benedetto Platti 

                    4.     Daniel Vazquez   "Invention No. 14 in B flat Major" by JS Bach 

                    5.     Nathan Olsson   "Solfeggio in C minor" by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach 

                    6.     Ray Yang   "Le Coucou" by Daquin 

                    7.     Sadie Wood   "Sonata in E major L. 430" by D. Scarlatti 

                    8.     Jaye Doehler   "Courante in G major, from Suite no. 8 in G major" by George Frederic Handel 

                    9.     Caidence Burns   "Bourrée in F Major" by George Philip Telemann    

Friday,  February 24, 2023     Duncan United Church 

2:30 PM     Class 32037     Piano - Classical - Level 7 – 9 

                    1.     Ashley Pepper   "Sonata in Bb Major" by D. Cimarosa 

                    2.     Carolina Vazquez   "Fur Elise" by Ludvig van Beethoven 

                    3.     Daniel Vazquez   "Sonatina in G Major" by Muzio Clementi 

                    4.     Nathan Olsson   "Sonata in C major" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

                    5.     Bianca Pacchiano   "Sonata in G Major" by W. A. Mozart 

                    6.     Marina-Jiayan Xie   "Sonata in g" by Ludvig van Beethoven 


 3:45 PM     Sight Reading - Level 8 

                    1.     Ginger Boehme-Vertefeuille                     

2.     Ashley Pepper 

                    3.     Nathan Olsson 



4:00 PM     Class 39590     Piano - Sight Reading - Level 9 

                    1.     Bianca Pacchiano 


4:15 PM     Class 39010     Piano - Duets, Accompanying and Chamber Music - Duets, Trios and Quartets 


  1.     "Alla Tarantella" by P. Zilcher   

                                                                                                  Ginger Boehme-Vertefeuille,  Bianca Pacchiano,  Rebekah Argo



Saturday, February 25, 2023     Duncan United Church    

9:30 AM     Class 33024     Piano - Romantic - Level 4 – 6


                   1.    Jessica Tshibangu   "Stars and Wind" by Catherine Rollin

                   2.    Caidence Burns   "Mignon" by Robert Schumann



9:48 AM     Class 34024     Piano - Post-Romantic/Impressionist - Level 4 – 6

                   1.    Ollie Lam   "The Wild Horseman" by R. Schumann



 10:00 AM     Class 35020     Piano - Twentieth and Twenty-First Century - Level 4 – 6


                   1.    Robert Argo   "The Spice of Life" by T. Gerou

                   2.    Victoria Vazquez   "On the Lake" by Heinrich Hofmann

                   3.    Martin Terashita-Clark   ": Positively Swinging" by Christopher Norton

                   4      Ollie Lam  "Queen Anne's Lace" by J. Yeager

                   5.    Charlie Woernle   "Elephant Tune" by Nina Perry

                   6.    Naomi Curnow   "Happy Time Jazz" by Martha Mier

7.     Ainsley McPherson "Nighttime in the City" by Mike Springer

                   8.    Megan Monahan   "Chicken Talk" by Mike Schoenmehl



11:15 AM     Class 38010     Piano - Provincials Masterclass - Junior A - 14 years and under, RCM Level 6 to 9


                   1.    Ashley Pepper   “Melodie" by Fanny Hensel

                   2.    Sadie Wood   "Sonatina No. 25, op. 79" by L. Beethoven


11:45 AM     Class 39550     Piano - Sight Reading - Level 5


                   1.    Robert Argo           


1:15 PM     Class 36037     Piano - Canadian - Level 7 – 9


                   1.    Sadie Wood   "Carnivalse" by Chilly Gonzales



1:30 PM     Class 33037     Piano - Romantic - Level 7 – 9 


                   1.    Rebekah Argo   "Waltz in B Minor" by F. Schubert

                   2.    Ginger Boehme-Vertefeuille   "Waltz in B Minor" by F. Chopin

                   3.    Daniel Vazquez   "Nocturne in B flat Major" by John Field

                   4.    Ray Yang    "Song Without Words" by Mendelssohn

                   5.    Sadie Wood    “Song without Words" by F. Mendelssohn

                   6.    Marina-Jiayan Xie     "Waltz, B minor" by Frédéric Chopin

                   7.    Finn Dahlstrom    "Nocturne Op.9 No.2" by Frédéric Chopin


 Saturday, February 25, 2023     Duncan United Church    


3:15 PM     Class 34037   Piano - Post-Romantic/Impressionist - Level 7 – 9


                   1.    Ginger Boehme-Vertefeuille   "The Spruce" by J. Sibelius

                   2.    Bianca Pacchiano   "Reverie in F Minor" by D. Alexander   


3:40 PM     Class 35030     Piano - Twentieth and Twenty-First Century - Level 7 – 9


                   1.    Carolina Vazquez   "Waltz" by Viktor Kosenko

                   2.    Ray Yang   "Dreams" by D. Kabalevsky

                   3.    Nathan Olsson   "Etude Allegro" by Yoshinao Nakada

                   4.    Cora Berg   "Bagatelle" by Alexander Tcherepnin

                   5.    Jaye Doehler   "Sunshower" by Martha Hill Duncan

                   6.     Marina-Jiayan Xie    "Lullaby for Edna Trident Hornbryce" by Raymond Yiu


4:30 PM     Class 35039     Piano - Twentieth and Twenty-First Century - Level 10 - ARCT or comparable 


                   1.    Hayley Sangha   "Graceful Ghost Rag" by William Bolcom




Jean Brown, Adjudicator

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Jean Brown has been a piano teacher in the Greater Vancouver area for over forty years. She has consistently developed students from a young age who have matured to regularly receive accolades placing first in the province and within the top 3 nation-wide. 

Jean loves adjudicating for the past 18 years and is a member of the Adjudicators Association. She has had many call backs to festivals and recently enjoyed the opportunity of adjudicating for the Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival. 

Jean Brown has had several profoundly outstanding students throughout her career as a piano teacher. They have represented Vancouver, Coquitlam and the Fraser Valley in the Provincial Festival of the Arts, with several First-Place winners across the province. Her students have also represented Vancouver in the National Finals of the Canadian Music Competitions in various cities across Canada including Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Jolliette, and Vancouver. Jean has twice taught students, in 1991 and 2016, who have received the Gold Medal for the highest ARCT mark in Canada. In 2016, her student was recognized as the “Young Artist for 2017” after placing First in the Registered Music Teachers national competition for ages 25 and under. Many more of Jean’s students have been recognized with other awards and examination results from the Royal Conservatory of Music, including several Gold Medals for various grades.



Thanks for participating in the 2023 Cowichan Music Festival!