Canadian Composers Concert Contest Completion Competition!

Here are the questions - find the answers and fill in the form on the link below for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate!

1. Name two composers with Juno nominations

2. Who was drafted in WWII?

3.Name a composer whose main work was in Saskatchewan

4. Who was the trio of Canadian composers who all died in 2000?

5. Who played the double bass as their main instrument?

5. Submit a youtube link of this Vancouver harpist composer

6. Name a composer who lives and works in Victoria

7. Whose birth name was Jason Charles Beck?

8. Who said to play her piece "as if intoxicated by the scent of a thousand blossoms"?

9. Who wrote the popular piece that was played in both concerts?

10. Who was your favourite composer today?  In 10 words or less - Why?


Here's the link to submit your answers... Just fill in the answers with the question number.

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